Hot tubs for those who value happiness and quality of life

Do you anticipate having fun in your spare time? having a fantastic time outside? sharing your joy with others?

We are here to assist you in accomplishing this, and it would be an honour to be a part of your dream garden.

Achieving the above is fine, but maintaining that feeling for a lifetime is fantastic.

Premium wood-fired hot tub close up

Here is why we are Certain that Ten Spa products will deliver promise of excellence

R&D – We’ve learned a lot from our competitors. Essentials are not available as an optional extra at Ten Spa. Thick fibreglass liners, 316 stainless steel heater with 2-3mm thick walls, tub insulation, high-flow drain tap, UV resistant leather foldable cover, or sand filter connections, for example. These are simply the minimum requirements for any wood-fired hot tub! Not to mention tightening straps…

Campaign progress - $840.000
Opened offices - 45

Surely, we are not done yet... Ten Spa offers more then quality products

We are motivated by passion; we enjoy what we do and produce. We do this to see your smile, to feel your satisfaction with us, and to ultimately form a connection. People build the world, and our high-quality production is just another way for us to interact and assist you in creating something unique.

Wood-Fired hot tub with insulated cover
Wood-Fired hot tub with insulated cover

Ten Spa customers have been and always will be our priority

We have structured our manufacturing operations in such a way that we can provide you with fully customizable wood-fired hot tubs. Color, wood type, etc… are all examples of standard customization. But wait… we have a Custom Jets alignment ready for you! If you don’t like our existing templates, this is an optional extra. This free bonus will allow you to find massage jets based on your height or overall body shape. Do you require more than 15? Jets at your disposal? not a problem This level of customization is available by dialling a UK phone number.UK phone line.

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