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Preparing For Hot Tubs Arrival

Preparing For Hot Tubs Arrival
How should I prepare for Hot Tubs arrival?

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Preparing For Hot Tubs Arrival

Your wood-burning hot tub will require a place to sit!

Preparing For Hot Tubs Arrival

It is important to place the hot tub on a level surface that can bear the weight of the full hot tub  You’ll need a clear, level area to setup the tub – this can be on purpose-built decking, hard standing like concrete or packed earth, or even a level patch of grass. Remember that once your tub is full of fresh water, it will weigh approximately from 1600 – 1900kg, so its base must be able to support that weight.

The area should be large enough that even with the tub in place, you have easy access all the way around. This will greatly simplify future maintenance and cleaning.

Your supplier will publish the dimensions of your new tub, but a hot tub for 2-3 people will require less space than a tub for 6-8 people. As a result, when selecting your ideal tub, consider the available space.

Make sure that the hot tub is not surrounded by tall grass or scrub, as this prevents the wood from breathing and promotes rot.

In the case of a hot tub with a wooden substructure, it must be ensured that the wood in the structure is not permanently exposed to moisture, as this also promotes decay and infestation with decomposing organisms. When choosing a location for the hot tub, consider possible maintenance measures.

Consider the wood stove you’ve chosen as well – different hot tub heaters have different needs. A hot tub with an internal heater or an integrated heater must be placed in such a way that loading the stove and emptying the ash can be done easily.

External heaters can be up to a metre away from the tub, so their placement should be considered as well. Although a convenient location is always preferred, they should be sited to minimise the risk of accidental contact and injury while still allowing access.

The position of the heater will also be closely related to the position of the chimney, so keep an eye out for nearby windows or canopies – no one wants to move their new tub because the flue blocked an opening window!

If you would like Decking or a raised area please check out Yorkshires No.1 Company for decking and railway sleepers!

Please ask for a quote for delivery as this will be calculated on the mileage travelled!

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