In our online store, there are several shipping classes that are applied to our products. The shipping class will depend on the type of product/s your are purchasing. The costs of shipping will also depend on the country you want the products to be delivered to. For example an 8 seater hot tub delivery to United Kingdom would cost 550 (Eur+VAT). Whereas, chimney extension delivery to UK would costs as little as 50 (EUR).

Delivery times are also depended on your location, and the item you are purchasing from us. Small items such as chimney extension, Stairs, towels or hats etc. can be delivered within 5 working days. Larger items such as hot tubs or saunas can be delivered within 14 days. And if the product is customized to a full extent delivery might take up to 21 days.

Once the order is placed on Ten Spa store a customer will receive an emailed receipt confirming his purchase. Few moments later, or next working day, Ten Spa team member may follow up with a short call to ensure that the order is placed correctly, and there’s is nothing to be amended before the manufacturing process begins. As once the manufacturing has started customer won’t be able to change setting on his purchased hot tub.

After the order is placed you will receive the invoice by email, however that is not all. In your account section, you will find a downloads category where you will find some useful files such as user manual.

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