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How Often Should You Change The Water In Your Hot Tub?

Changing the water in your hot tub

How Often Should You Change The Water In My Hot Tub?

How often should You change the water in my hot tub? – This is a question we get asked daily.

If you plan to use the hot tub without any chemicals Ideally In domestic situations it is recommended to empty the water every 2-3 uses. If it is used by multiple people then it is best to change it after each use. Emptying our wood-fired hot tubs is a fairly quick and simple process and as the heating up time is a lot less than electric hot tubs this makes the whole process a lot easier as it can be filled a 2-3 hours before used and be at the desired temperature in no time at all.

Emptying the hot tub too often will result in large water waste

Emptying the hot tub every couple of uses is not a very convenient option. It results in large water waste and continuous maintenance and water refilling….

Keeping the same water for longer might save you some time and energy

Whilst keeping the same water in the hot tub for longer  sounds like a good option, keeping it there for too long is not recommended.

We recommend to change water in the wood-fired hot tub once every one to three (1 to 3) months in relation to your water test results.

To keep the water clean in your wood-fired tub you will need to use Sand filtration or other,  Test Strips and chemicals for treatment such as: Chlorine, pH Minus, pH Plus, Foam Remover

Testers only

Starter pack: All essential chemicals and testers

Water filtration using Sand filter

What is the purpose of hot tub filter ?

The purpose of a hot tub filter is to remove debris and contaminants from the water.

Filtration systems

The filtration system will vary depending on the model of your hot tub as well as manufacturers preferences.

The most common filtration systems used for hot tubs water cleaning are through Cartridge filters, Ceramic Filters or Sand Filters.

How does the sand filter work ?

When the pump draws in tub water, it passes through the hot tub filter. Here, the dead viruses and bacteria are trapped. Clean water is then allowed to flow through the filter and back into the spa.


Note: Wood-fired hot tubs made by Ten Spa will come with connections for the sand filter as standard.  (If you own wood-fired hot tub, please check with your supplier if you have connections pre-installed on your tub before purchasing the sand filter)


Silica sand – replace every 3-4 years

An alternative for silica sand is Filterballs

700g of filter balls is enough to fill up the sand filter that is dedicated to clean hot tubs

Filter balls are 100x lighter, easier to use and dispose of

How can I empty the water in my hot tub?

Drainage Tap For Hot Tub from Sauneco

The Hot Tub quite simply has a drain tap at the rear of the tub. A hosepipe can be installed to the outlet valve, this enables to direct the water to a specific place (for example, for watering your garden or directly into a drain).

It is unnecessary to change the water every time after having used the Hot Tub, but is recommended if multiple people are using it at the same time.

Bathing supplements which are biodegradable should be used. This avoids fungal infestation or the growth of algaes.

It is important that the water in the Hot Tub is drained down in the winter so that it does not freeze in the cold weather as the ice may damage the Hot Tub.

Winter time. What do I have to observe?

Large spacious hot tub from SaunecoThe water can overstay in the Hot Tub during the winter but it should not freeze up completely. When it happens it may damage your wood fired Hot Tub.

There are several possibilities to avoid the complete freezing through:

  • Heat up the furnace from time to time
  • Use a heating cable and temperature sensor to prevent the freezing
  • Empty your wood burning Hot Tub
  • Styropor in the water – water presses styropor together in this case what in turn avoids that the Hot Tub is damaged. However the volume has to be calculated precisely.
  • Use a filter pump in the hot tub to circulate the water

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